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Iain Slinn


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This book is a miscellany of Scotch, whisky and whiskey written in the Highlands of Scotland and combining a blend of fascinating facts which detail in dram-size snifters, information about single malt whisky, blended whisky and grain whisky; condensers, wash backs and stills; Customs & Excise, tax and reciprocals, not to mention Nancy Whiskey and the Garioch Blend. Maps of the Distilleries of Scotland; details of distillery ownership; whisky cures for measles – and the Glasgow Gripper for hangovers - are all inter-leaved with information about whisky production; whisky marketing; whisky tales and the indefatigable work of the personnel who labour night and day to produce your favourite dram. There is something for all types of whisky enthusiasts in this whisky book.

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A book with some fascinating facts about whisky